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ALU handle pair with 2 carabiners and with adjustable length strap, disinfectable

Vulcanized ALU handles with length-adjustable strap for the Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE, the HighEnd complete package in Functional Training

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Shipping weight
898 g


Vulcanized ALU handle pair with length-adjustable strap incl. 2 aluminum carabiners, each of which can be loaded up to 1,800 kg, disinfectable.


With these handles you replace the standard handles of your eaglefit® Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE and get a sling trainer with disinfectable, vulcanized aluminum handles.
This product is especially intended for use in gyms or physio practices.


Handle width: 14 cm
Handle diameter: 3.3 cm
Handle strap continuously adjustable from 36 cm to 114 cm

Incl. 2 high-quality aluminum carabiners


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