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Pressure pump sprayer 1.0 l

Pressure pump sprayer 1.0 l for spraying for EMS training and ideal tool for fine and reliable atomization of liquids and their uniform distribution on surfaces.

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Shipping weight
365 g


Pressure pump atomizer 1.0 liters


Technical data

Pressure build-up in the liquid tank by pumping. A thumb pressure on the spray button is sufficient for an even, constant atomization, the fineness of which can be regulated by turning the nozzle nut.
Integrated automat. Pressure relief valve
Nozzle nut with plastic nozzle 0.8 mm
Container 1. 000 ml, color natural

Plastic PP
Seals NBR
Pressure spring V2A

Operating pressure: 3 bar/safety valve

Diameter 102 mm
Total height 280 mm
Filling capacity 900 ml max.

white / black

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