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Flockan® YOGASPORT training mat - yoga mat - non-slip mat for yoga and gymnastics

This sturdy, double-sided non-slip and high-quality training mat is latex-free and certified according to OekoTex Standard 100. The mat is made of high-quality vinyl with incorporated textile core, which ensures durability and dimensional stability. It is specially designed for the requirements of yoga and Pilates and is ideal for sling training.

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eaglefit® YOGASPORT Exercise Mat

FLOCKAN® Edition

This mat was specifically designed to meet the demands of yoga and Pilates. Its slip resistance on all surfaces makes it ideal as a fitness mat for sling training.

The fabric-like structure of the surface immediately absorbs your body heat for an extremely comfortable and intense body feeling.

The double-sided slip-proof top layer ensures safe standing during exercises, as it prevents sliding on the mat as well as the sliding of the entire mat itself.

The training mat meets even the highest hygienic demands, as it was refined according to the original Sanitized® - process. This permanently prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria (active biocidal ingredient: pyrithione zinc).

An incorporated textile core additionally ensures the longevity and dimensional stability of the mat, as it prevents horizontal "wearing out".

  • Made in Germany
  • Color: black
  • Certified according to EcoTex Standard 100
  • Sanitized® refined, ie. bactericidal and fungicidal equipped
  • Latex-free made of vinyl and free of triclosan
  • Slip-resistant on both sides
  • Isolating protection against floor cold
  • Skin-friendly, sweat- and saliva-proof
  • Easily cleaned with water and mild soapy water
  • Laying flat due to rounded corners
  • In dimensions (LxWxH): 140 x 70 x 0. 6 cm or 185 x 70 x 0.6 cm available

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