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eaglefit Sling-Trainer ALLROUND incl. pulley, door anchor - train at home

Sling Trainer with pulley, sliding handles and high quality aluminum carabiners - variably adjustable from 90 to 310 cm - this is unprecedented in sling trainers - perfect for training at home and on the road

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eaglefit® Sling Trainer ALLROUND - The perfect home trainer

Sling Trainer ALLROUND elastic

made in Germany

with pulley, door anchor, aluminum carabiner

With this sling trainer, our motto "Unpack and train - when and where you want" is put directly into practice!

The SlingTrainer ALLROUND is also the perfect gift.

What's special about the Sling Trainer ALLROUND

Change Prusikknoten bei Sling Trainer von eaglefit

  • 3 ways to adjust the length
    - 6 stitched areas for the attachment carabiner
    - a central length adjuster on the attachment strap
    - clever prusik knots (sliding knots) from climbing on each handle
    So you achieve a simple, fast and stepless length adjustment from 80 up to 310 cm - this is so far unrivaled in sling training.
  • The instability due to the pulley is variable, the pulley is unhookable.
  • Easy and fast adjustment - directly on the handles
    Through the Prusik knots directly on the handles, the length adjustment is simple, fast and safe. You can simply move the knot along the rope. Pull the handle and the knot holds securely at that point of the rope again. So you can start immediately with your training and find between the exercises quickly the appropriate position.
  • 4 top fashionable colors
    The eaglefit® Sling Trainer ALLROUND you get in the colors: light green, orange, agate gray or black - so your new Sling Trainer fits perfectly into your environment.
  • Disinfectable handles
    Durable, disinfectable plastic handles with optimal grip comfort.
  • For Sling Trainer novices and absolute professionals
    The ALLROUND is suitable both for Sling Trainer novices, as well as for absolute professionals, because it can be adapted to any situation easily and quickly.
  • A strong loadable lightweight
    Loadable up to 160 kg, suitable in- and outdoor and as lightweight with only 870 g he accompanies you everywhere - to golf, to jog, to outdoor training, to the park and even on trips in your hand luggage.


Here you can find a short video, which explains the adjustment possibilities of the SlingTrainer ALLROUND again in detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqYRTOOVI3M


  • When training with your own body weight, you specifically bring your body into an unstable position. Your deep muscles are immediately addressed by performing numerous small compensatory movements - similar to balancing on a rope, a slight swinging / trembling occurs.
  • This effect is intentionally reinforced by the pulley. For your entire musculoskeletal system it becomes harder to keep your balance, the exercises gain efficiency.
  • We recommend training novices to start slowly and with low intensity.


  • Loadable up to 160 kg
  • Total weight: 870 g
  • 2 high quality aluminum carabiners
  • Fastening strap selectable in 5 modern colors
  • Deflection pulley
  • 220 cm long fiber rope ø 8 mm
  • 13 cm wide handles with 4 cm wide soft foot loops ø 30 cm; attached to the rope with 3-fold Prusik knot
  • Total length: Infinitely adjustable from 90 - 310 cm
  • For room heights of 140 - 360 cm

Scope of delivery: Scope of delivery Allround

  • eaglefit® Sling Trainer ALLROUND with pulley & Door Anchor
  • large, colorful training poster (59.4 x 84 cm) with 28 exercises, divided into 14 normal and 14 very challenging exercises each in German
  • detailed user/training manual in German with additional special exercises for training with pulley, link to HD training video with a personal trainer (45 minutes duration, also for iPad, etc. )

See the latest videos here, subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay up to date:


Fixing Options

Ceiling Fixing


1. Wall or ceiling mounting

Be sure to use suitable dowels and screws, as well as walls or ceilings that can withstand appropriate loads. The holding device must be suitable for heavy loads and play and sports equipment. Hang the loop in the heavy duty hook.


Fastening with door anchor


2. Door anchor

With the help of a door anchor, you can transform almost any free space in front of a door into your personal work-out zone.

Item ID 966
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer eaglefit
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 1562 g
Net weight 1312 g
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