B-Stock: eaglefit® Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE green package with ALU-handles | eaglefit®

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B-Stock: eaglefit® Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE green package with ALU-handles

**B-Stock** eaglefit® Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE with disinfectable aluminum handles, the HighEnd complete package with safety carabiners made of aluminum, detachable ball bearing pulley, door and ceiling attachment and length-adjustable handle straps for the highest demands in functional training - including training poster. Whether muscle building, your dream figure, abdominal legs butt training or losing weight. With our Sling Trainer you will reach your goal! A fitness device for mobile, functional training in the hotel, in the office, at home or freeletics outdoor. Our competent service team is also available after the purchase by e-mail and telephone for advice. The perfect home sports device!

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**B-Stock** eaglefit® Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE ALU green incl. wall or ceiling mount, ball bearing pulley, ALU handles & door anchor, length from 160 cm to 360 cm; suitable up to 350 kg; disinfectable handles

Test winner in June 2020 at Vergleich.org

Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE elastic

made in Germany

The HighEnd package with aluminum safety carabiners, ball bearing pulley, door and ceiling mount, and length-adjustable handle straps for the highest demands in functional training - including training poster

What's special about sling training

The origin of sling training in physiotherapy and in the army. In physiotherapy, the joint-gentle whole-body workout and the excellent opportunity to train the entire supporting apparatus was particularly appreciated. For the Army, the goal was to develop an extremely efficient piece of sports equipment for foreign deployments that was also highly mobile and versatile.

With sling training, youtrain entirely without weights, using only gravity, or your own body weight, by bringing your body into an unstable position in a controlled manner. As a result, a large percentage of your supporting and balancing muscles are working during each exercise. You are not training your muscles in isolation, but in functional, natural chains of movement. This increases your strength, flexibility, core stability and balance.

This is what makes training with the Sling Trainer so efficient. The ability to easily and continuously change your angle relative to the locking point and the flexible adjustment options of the eaglefit® Sling Trainer allow you to train almost anywhere and at all levels of difficulty.

What's special about the Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE package with aluminum handles

The Sling Trainer from eaglefit is also suitable for attaching to closed doors

  • Aluminum handles
    Disinfectable, vulcanized aluminum handles
    Ball bearing Pulley (loadable up to 30 kN) from 2018 model
  • The instability due to the pulley is variable, the pulley is unhookable.
  • Low total weight
    With a total weight of only 1,420 g and 4 safety carabiners made of aluminum absolutely flexible, in- and outdoor useable. Train like the pros and when and where YOU want: On the road in the park, at home, in the hotel; your Sling Trainer is quickly packed and unpacked
  • Quick change to different exercise variations
    The safety carabiners of the handle straps allow a secure connection, as well as a quick change to different exercise variations, eg. One-hand or single-leg exercises
  • Infinitely adjustable
    From 160 cm to 360 cm infinitely adjustable
    For room heights from 2.10 to 4, 10 m
  • Very loadable
    Loadable up to 350 kg
  • Individually length-adjustable handles
    High-quality, length-adjustable aluminum handles and pleasant soft and 6 cm wide foot loops.
    You quickly adjust the length of the sling trainer during training, easy and stepless with just one handle on the central length adjuster or individually on each grip band individually
  • Includes mounting hardware
    Includes wall or ceiling mounting made of high-quality stainless steel with 4 Fischer dowels and screws
  • Separate use of the grip bands
    The length-adjustable grip bands can also be used separately, for example, to perform dips on a pull-up or swing bar
  • Unpack - hang - train
    Individual yet clear and simple: unpack - hang - train. A full body workout for muscle building, joint stability, strengthening, weight loss, cardio, competition preparation, stretching and stretching
  • Every free space as a personal workout zone
    With the help of the door anchor you can transform almost any free space in front of a door into your personal workout zone. Hang the door anchor between the door frame and the door leaf, close the door and start your workout.


Scope of delivery:Scope of delivery

  • eaglefit® Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE ALU package with wall or ceiling mounting and door anchor
  • ball bearing pulley (loadable up to 30 kN)
  • practical storage bag
  • detailed training instructions in German with additional special exercises for training with pulley
  • Large, colored training poster (59.4 x 84 cm) with 28 exercises, divided into 14 normal and 14 very challenging exercises each in German
  • Video link to the training video with a personal trainer (45 minutes of training) also suitable for the iPad!

See the latest videos here, subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay up to date:



Fixing Options



1. Wall or ceiling mounting

Be sure to use suitable dowels and screws, as well as walls or ceilings that can withstand appropriate loads. The holding device must be suitable for heavy loads as well as play and sports equipment. Hang the loop in the heavy-duty hook.



Befestigung mit Türanker


2. Door anchor

With the help of a door anchor you can transform almost any free space in front of a door into your personal work-out zone. You hang the loop from the fastening strap in the carabiner of the door anchor.

Funktionsweise der Befestigung an einer Klimmzugstange


3. Wall bars or pull-up bars

 Make sure that you do not lever out the wall bars or pull-up bar through your exercise and that it can withstand the pulling force. Be sure to check the firm hold of the entire setup before exercising!
Befestigungsbeispiel für die Nutzung des eaglefit Sling Trainers im Outdoor-Bereich


4. Outdoor

Outdoors, the training is very fun. For secure attachment are suitable trees or even swing poles. Be sure to pay attention to the stability and, in the case of a branch, sufficient strength.

Here are some arguments of our personal trainer Heiko Horn:

"The difference of our product from other products on the market lies in many details - certainly a workout can be done with most of the equipment, the difference lies in the execution of the exercises, in the possibilities of adjustment and use, in comfort, in instructions, in quality and in service."

The advantages of our Sling Trainer "EXCLUSIVE with aluminum handles":

  • Our sling trainer comes from practice, as it was developed together with experts and fitness trainers
  • The 4 carabiners allow you to use this sling trainer very flexible (for example, I hang the ball bearing pulley directly with the carabiner to the ceiling in very low rooms).
  • Through our foot loops with a diameter of about 30 cm, the tape does not cut into the ankle cuffs, but allows through the further exercises (eg interesting for abdominal exercises).
  • In my opinion, there are no more stable handles for a sling trainer than these vulcanized aluminum handles. Especially in the studio, where the sling trainer goes from hand to hand, the disinfectability of these handles is enormously important.
  • The overall finish and feel is very high quality and good (handles, loops, joints, stitching)
  • During training, the length of the straps must be adjusted frequently - this is done with our sling trainers with just one handle!
  • We will be happy to assist you at any time - even after the purchase - with advice and support
  • Nationwide, numerous fitness trainers and health practices work with our sling trainers
  • I hope I have given you some arguments here so that you can make the right decision :-)


    If you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you.

    Your Heiko

We are winners at


Fastening with door anchor


2. Door anchor

With the help of a door anchor, you can transform almost any free space in front of a door into your personal work-out zone. You hang the loop from the attachment strap in the carabiner of the door anchor.

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