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MetaCheck GoCapp Fitness Kit

GEN diet MetaCheck fitness determines your personal metabolism type (meta-type)

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MetaCheck Kit

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Every person processes food differently.

There are therefore no patent recipes for losing weight for everyone!
This may also be due to the individual's genetic predisposition.


In the course of evolution, humans have always had to adapt to new living conditions. However, this process did not occur in the same way in all humans, so different genetic metabolism or metabolic types evolved. These were defined as so-called meta-types. The philosophy of CoGAP® is that in the future everyone can lose weight individually in a natural way healthy and fast . CoGAP® is therefore constantly developing individual nutritional advice.

Your personal meta-types are determined by scientists from CoGAP® based on an analysis of your genes. We believe we can match your diet and exercise activities to your genetic makeup.


Why MetaCheck?

  • Individually adapted diet and sport recommendations
  • Long-term dietary change
  • Loss of weight concept based on a single analysis carried out at the beginning
  • Uncomplicated cheek swab is enough
  • Access to the free CoGAP® nutrition portal


How it works

  • Taking your saliva sample at eaglefit / EMSRaum Langenau.
  • Sending your anonymized sample to CoGAP®.
  • Metabolic analysis and transmission of your result from CoGAP® to eaglefit in Langenau.
  • Consultation by our nutritionist and the training and nutrition plan adapted to you.

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