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eaglefit® Bluetooth Caliper - The First Digital Body Fat Monitor with App

The skin fold measuring device allows you to determine your personal body fat percentage precisely and very easily by measuring it on different parts of your body. The Caliper transmits the measurement results completely automatically to the app, on which you can determine your percentage body fat using different measurement and calculation methods. A detailed instruction explains you simply and clearly the measuring points and the result. This modern fat caliper is an excellent measuring device for checking the percentage of fat you have lost while losing weight and building muscle. Incl. free Android and iOS APP!

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eaglefit® Bluetooth Caliper

The first digital body fat monitor with app

A patented innovation - made in Germany

Just in time: The eaglefit Bluetooth Caliper is TESTSIEGER: www.vergleich.org


Determine your body fat percentage precisely and easily!

With the help of a Caliper (skin fold measuring device), your body fat percentage can be determined very easily by measuring it at different parts of the body. This involves measuring the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer at specific points on the body. When used correctly, this method is very accurate and is even used in high-performance sports.

  • Ideal for doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers and fitness studios
  • A professional device at an entry-level price: the measurement results are comparable to precision medical devices
  • The methods of body fat measurement with the Caliper are explained in the detailed German manual
  • Delivery includes an iOS and Android app and a detailed manual in German

Methods of skin fold measurement



  • 3-wrinkle formula according to Jackson & Pollock
  • 3-wrinkle formula according to Lohmann
  • 4-wrinkle formula according to the National Health Center of America
  • 4-wrinkle formula according to Durnin / Womersly
  • 7-wrinkle formula according to Jackson & Pollock
  • 9-Wrinkle Formula according to Parillo

What's special about the eaglefit® Bluetooth Caliper

With the Caliper, you can determine exactly whether the weight loss on the scale results from fat loss, merely water retention or from a reduction of valuable calorie-consuming muscles.

Thanks to the simple transfer and evaluation of the measured values on your terminal device with 6 different methods, you can always record your percentage body fat both losing weight and building muscle precisely.

This is enormously important, but with most body fat scales with "bio-impedance analysis" not possible or very inaccurate.

In the extensive German-language manual you will learn everything relevant about your body and why it is for your success so enormously important to know not only the weight, but also your exact body composition.


Scope of delivery

  • eaglefit® Bluetooth Caliper
  • Detailed DE/ENG manual
  • Free app via the corresponding app store
  • USB charging adapter

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