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eaglefit® Ceiling Mount Rhombus

This ceiling mount for sling trainers is ideal for attaching a sling trainer, hammock, aerial yoga, punching bag, sandbag or hanging seat. The 3 mm stainless steel plate with four drill holes and an O-ring provide a secure hold on suitable ceilings or walls.

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Shipping weight
150 g


Ceiling attachment for sling trainers, punching bags, hammock made of high quality stainless steel

for secure attachment to suitable ceilings or walls.

Also suitable for punching bag, aerial yoga, sandbag, hammock or hanging seat.

The 3 mm thick stainless steel plate with four drill holes (ø 6 mm) and an 8 mm thick stainless steel O-ring can be attached to the wall or ceiling as follows:

For concrete or stone, you need four dowels (ø 8 mm, length: 40 mm) and four screws (ø 6 mm, length: 50 mm) (not included). The attachment to wooden beams is also possible with suitable screws.

Technical drawing with dimensions of the ceiling holder for the Sling Trainer


145 g

Load capacity:

160 kg


Attachment of the Sling Trainer to the Ceiling Hook

This is how you attach, for example. the eaglefit® SlingTrainer professional simply with the attachment strap on the O-ring:

Pull the loop of the attachment strap through the O-ring and guide the entire SlingTrainer through the resulting tab.

By pulling hard on the SlingTrainer, tighten the loop - similar to a tie knot.


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