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Nordic Walking - the ideal endurance sport for everyone

Nordic Walking

  • It's easy to learn
  • Strengthens the immune system through exercise in the fresh air
  • Improves endurance
  • Strengthens the cardio- circulatory system
  • Trains the upper body and lower body at the same time
  • Relieves the joints and relaxes the back
  • Lets the pounds fall
  • And makes a good mood

What equipment is needed for Nordic walking?

Nordic walking poles
Good poles must be strong and at the same time light, and have ergonomic handles made of non-slip material and comfortable hand straps. Carbon poles are optimal - they are very light and the most stable and cushion the best. But carbon fiberglass poles or poles made of aluminum are also suitable. Replaceable rubber bumpers reduce the noise on the asphalt and dampen the impact and give a better grip.

There fix length poles or telescopic poles Telescopic poles are somewhat more prone to defects due to their rotating or folding mechanism. However, they offer the advantage that the length can be adjusted exactly to the individual body size and they can be easily taken on vacation in the suitcase by pushing together. Fixed length poles are usually more stable and withstand greater pressure.

The correct pole length is calculated from your own body length X 0.66. In addition, the upper arm forearm angle should be taken into account. To do this, let your arms hang down by your body. Then take the handles of the poles in your hand and place the poles vertically in front of your body. The upper arm and forearm should have an angle of 90 degrees at the optimal pole length.

Clothing: No special clothing is needed. The clothing should be light on the body and breathable and protect against wind and rain in both summer and winter. Sports functional clothing, which transports sweat to the outside, is particularly suitable. Proven itself the Zwiebellook from short- or long-sleeved functional shirts and as last over it a jacket from breathable material. Also the Socks should be breathable and reinforced in the ball and heel area. Nordic Walking Shoes must be comfortable, must not press and must offer the foot a good grip. In addition, the shoe should have good cushioning properties and be light and flexible, so that the rolling movement of the foot is optimally supported.

Good video on proper Nordic walking technique: