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Proper Sling Training Posture

Training tips for proper sling training


Every training session with the sling trainer should be pain-free. If pain or discomfort occurs, stop the exercise immediately. If you continue with the workout, choose an easier exercise variation. If you experience pain in your back, either the exercise you have chosen is too strenuous or your posture needs to be corrected.

Warm up

Warm up before each workout. Walking or running in place activates the cardiovascular system and prepares you for the physical exertion ahead. Start your training program with a reduced load and only increase when your muscles are optimally warmed up. Always tailor your warm-up program to your level of performance


Proper breathing plays an important role in training. Breathe calmly and evenly. Don't hold your breath during exercise and don't lapse into press breathing.

Correct posture

Your body should always be in alignment. To do this, tense your core muscles during all exercises by pulling your belly button toward your spine and tensing your gluteal muscles. Your pelvis will straighten slightly and your spine will reach a neutral position. Avoid a hollow back posture during all exercises and do not let your back sag. Pull your shoulders back slightly and then down, this will straighten your chest. Your joints should always be slightly bent. Always consciously tense the muscle group of the corresponding exercise. Make sure that the straps do not rub against your body, as this can cause injury.

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