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About Sling Training

The sling trainer or also called sling trainer or suspension trainer is an excellent piece of sports equipment for your holistic and functional strength and fitness training. For many years, sling trainers have been used with great success in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Today they are also used very successfully in strength and fitness training. In therapeutic applications, sling trainers are primarily used to strengthen the postural muscles.
We have combined this training from the therapeutic application with sophisticated exercises and movements, which makes the fitness training completely new and highly efficient.


In contrast to conventional training methods, Sling Training trains you with your own body weight in functional movement chains that closely resemble natural movement sequences. Due to the structure of the sling trainer, you address their tonic muscles very specifically with each exercise. An essential goal is the training of body stability and flexibility. You bring your body into an unstable position in a controlled manner, which inevitably means that your holding muscles have to work intensively. By continuously changing the body position and angle to the sling trainer, you can change the difficulty level very easily and individually. Half an hour of sling training can be twice as intense and efficient as traditional strength or fitness training with guided movements. The muscle group-specific exercises presented here have been selected, compiled, and explained with a great deal of thought and expertise. Adhere to these exercises and instructions to avoid damage to your health.

Outdoor Sling Training

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