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The optimal attachment of your sling trainer

General requirements for your training location and attachment

Your training location should be dry, as level as possible and non-slip. The eaglefit® Sling Trainers are designed so that you can train almost anywhere. The optimal mounting height is between 2.00 m and 3.50 m. For lower rooms or special exercises, you can unhook one component of the sling trainer - e.g. pulley and rope - to hook the handles directly onto the attachment strap.

When "at rest," the foot straps almost touch the floor. You need about one meter to the left and right, and about 2.00 m two meters in the direction in which you want to train.

When you start the workout, take the handles in your hands and take about 2 steps backwards. Now you have the optimal training position for most basic exercises.

The different mounting options for your sling trainer

Fastening options:

1. Wall or ceiling mounting:

Be sure to use appropriate anchors and screws, as well as walls or ceilings that can withstand appropriate loads. The holding device must be suitable for heavy loads and play and sports equipment. Hang the loop in the heavy-duty hook.

How the wall and ceiling mount works for the eaglefit Sling Trainer

2. door anchor

With the help of a door anchor, you can transform almost any free space in front of a door into your personal work-out zone. You hang the loop from the attachment strap in the carabiner of the door anchor

How the door anchor works for the eaglefit Sling Trainer

3. wall bars or pull-up bars:

Make sure that you do not lever out the wall bars or pull-up bar through your exercise and that it can withstand the pulling force. Be sure to check the tightness of the entire structure before exercising!

How the attachment to a pull-up bar works

4. Outdoor:

Outdoors, training is a lot of fun. Trees or even swing poles are suitable for secure attachment. Be sure to pay attention to the stability and, in the case of a branch, sufficient strength.

Example of attachment for the use of the eaglefit Sling Trainer outdoors

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