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Martin Föger

Fit into spring with sling trainer exercises for cyclists and mountain bikers

Martin Föger - a very successful marathon mountain biker - has put together a special training plan for cyclists and mountain bikers. He intentionally took the photos not in a studio, but in a barn, to symbolize that you really can train anywhere with the Sling Trainer.

Martin Föger:

Many mountain bikers think that as a mountain biker you have to do a lot of leg training. It is true that you must not neglect the leg muscles - but you should also train the rest of your body sufficiently, especially the training of the arm, back and trunk muscles is very important.
I have put together a training plan for you here, which you can use especially to prepare for the current season. I have compiled the exercises with great care and performed them myself with success and fun.

I can only recommend: Hold on and train regularly.

I have described the exercises themselves briefly and concisely, the pictures have the greater significance ;)

Detailed descriptions and also safety measures, etc. can be found in the original eaglefit documents. The important thing with all exercises is to have fun while doing them and not train with maximum effort - rather pay attention to a proper execution!

I recommend the following interval training:  One day endurance, one day weight training in alternation.

Endurance day: 2-3 hours of jogging / mountain biking
Strength training day: One hour (incl. warm-up and cool down) eaglefit® sling training:

  • 15 minutes warm-up, e.g. ergometer, small jogging lap or treadmill
  • 30-45 minutes of intensive eaglefit sling training
  • 15 minutes of cool down of your choice


Training plan for cyclists

Length adjustment of the eaglefit® Sling Trainer :

  • MW = handles at mid-calf height
  • K = handles at knee height
  • L = handles at lower calf height


Chest muscle workout

3 x 15 push-ups in incline:
Stand leg first on the ground, then depending on your ability, lift your straight upper body up
Make sure you have good core stability
For professionals: Alternately tighten the legs (see crunches) and push-ups
Setting: MW

starting position: Target position:
Push-up Start Push-up End


Shoulders: I-position

3 x 15 I-position standing:
Do not let shoulders pull up, keep body straight, keep tension!
Setting: M

Starting position:

Target position:

I Start

I End


Arms: triceps workout

3 x 15 triceps press standing:
At the beginning, take a wide stance to achieve more stability.
Always keep the elbows in the same place.

Setting: L

Starting position:

Target position:

Push-up Start

Push-up End


Arms: biceps workout

3 x 15 biceps curls standing:
Keep elbows at shoulder height.
Setting: M

Starting position:

Target position:

Biceps Start

Bezeps End



Torso: Crunches - straight and oblique

Each 3 x 15  straight, left oblique, right oblique:
Alternate pulling straight, to the right, to the left, tensing the torso
When the knees are in front, exhale
Setting: MW

Starting position:

Target position:

Belly Start

Belly End



Back: rowing workout

3 x 15 rowing standing:
Pull arms close to body.
Hands rotate as you pull up from normal to  top grip.
The movement is in one path.
Setting: K

Starting position:

Target position:

Rowing Start

Rowing End



Legs: Crossed lunge

Each 3 x 12 alternating left / right crossed lunge:
Bring the hooked leg behind the standing leg
For professionals with jump
Setting: MW

Starting position:

Target position:

Lunge Start

Lunge End



Legs: Pelvic lift

3 x 15 supine pelvic lifts:
Raise and lower the pelvis:
Knee angle remains at 90°
throughout the exercise. Setting: MW

Starting position:

Target position:

Basin Start

Basin End



Legs: Leg extensors

Each 3 x 20 leg extensions standing:
The angle of the hip should be 90° and should not change.
Stretch and bend hooked leg - keep tension!
Setting: MW

Starting position:

Target position:

Leg Extension Start

Leg Extension End


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