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Handling your sling trainer

Handle options 

Depending on the grip position, you use different muscles and different movement patterns become possible. In our training poster, we use the following 3 grip options:

Grip options in Sling Training

Length Adjustment 

To make the optimal length adjustment for each exercise, eaglefit® Sling Trainers are equipped with a central length adjuster.  You lengthen the attachment strap by releasing the lock of the length adjuster with your thumb and pulling down on the carabiner of the attachment strap with your other hand until the desired length is reached.

Length adjustment during sling training

Shorten the attachment strap by loosening the lock of the length adjuster with your thumb and pulling the other lower end of the strap (the one WITHOUT the carabiner) down with your other hand.

Shortening the Sling Trainer

The optimal position of the slings for abdominal or back exercises is when you cannot touch the floor with your feet - rule of thumb: at least 5 cm above the floor.

Incline in the supine position:

Getting into the supine position

1.    Sit on the floor; take the slings in your hand
2.    Pass the slings under your ankle cuffs
3.  Check for secure hold with bent legs and start your exercise

Starting in the prone position:

Getting into the Prone Position

1.    Sit on the floor, pass your right foot through the left sling
2.  Turn your upper body to the side and now pass your left foot through the right sling
3.  Turn to the prone position and begin your exercise

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