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Dear interested in efficient training at home or on the road


Are you looking for a mobile piece of sports equipment that you can use when YOU want it, that is uncomplicated, highly efficient and simple? Then you've come to the right place!


You get modern solutions around HOME EMS training, pull-up bars, calipers and sling training at eaglefit®. Our goal is that you can complete your fitness workout uncomplicated, effective and time-saving almost at any location both indoor and outdoor.
Since February 2017, we also offer EMS and Sling Training courses at our headquarters in Langenau near Ulm. Furthermore, we are a certified full member of the German Franchise Association and offer interested founders nationwide to become self-employed with their own EMS microstudio with our brand EMSRaum®. More information: EMSRaum®

You can get individual and competent advice from our team by phone, email or in person on site. If you would like to test a HOME EMS suit, please make an appointment with us

Simple Outdoor Training. Simply eaglefit® Sling Trainer


"High quality requirements, our experience since 2011, a quick response to changing customer requirements, favorable prices, very short delivery times and an exceptionally good and professional service are our recipe for success" says Elke Borner, Managing Director.

With us you can achieve the most diverse goals: From weight loss, muscle building, six-pack training, fitness to "just look good" and body shaping to anti-aging, holistic health training and strength / endurance as a complement to golf, tennis, soccer, handball, volleyball and many other sports.

Our new, wireless, dynamic EMS training gives you the ability to perform a complete full-body workout in just 20 minutes per week at any location of your choice. This saves you time and at the same time protects your joints due to the low load! Stop by our Langenau headquarters for a free trial workout or order your workout system.

As our customer, you are in the best company with well-known major customers, such as public institutions, schools, personal trainers, numerous rehabilitation and physio facilities, as well as sports and fitness studios at home and abroad and, of course, numerous private customers.

"Holistic fitness training brings holistic success. We want our customers to be able to train when and where they want. That's why we attach great importance to our sports and fitness equipment being very high quality, light and mobile. Even in the commercial sector, our EMS systems, sling trainers, pull-up bars and our calipers are very popular with schools, in clubs, in wellness hotels, in company health management (BGM) and in universities." says Jochen Borner, Managing Director.

We have specialized in functional training and EMS training with the Sling Trainer, as this form of training is very close to natural movements. The focus is on your body balance and body stability in the torso. You train highly efficient and in natural movement chains without addressing single muscle groups isolated. As a result, you train your entire body, your back and skeletal muscles and many small holding and supporting muscles, as well as your deep muscles in a natural way.

Depending on your personal needs and desires, you can choose from the following categories:

eaglefit® Sling Trainer BASE:

Our entry-level model that is especially mobile for training at a door. - Complete with pulley and flexible sliding knots.
Ideal for travel and to start sling training.

eaglefit® Sling Trainer ALLROUND:

Our most flexible model, which can be used particularly flexibly due to the sliding knots used. Of course, complete with pulley and rope.
Ideal for ceiling heights from 1.40 to 3.60 m.

eaglefit® Sling Trainer EXCLUSIVE:

4 carabiners from the professional climbing sector connect this high-end product that leaves nothing to be desired. Length-adjustable handles and a pulley allow training and flexibility at the highest level - Very popular and suitable for commercial use.
Ideal for professional use and at ceiling heights of 2.10 to 4.10 m.

We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your trust!

Your eaglefit team

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