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Sports clubs receive a 20% discount

As a therapist, studio, school, authority, hotel, institution, association or non-profit organisation
you get discount on all eaglefit® sports equipment!


Whether as a rehabilitation measure, muscle building training, body shaping, sports training, professional sport, school sport or club sport. Sling training is now at home in many different areas!

To promote this, we offer you our special conditions.


The way is easy:

  •  You send us the proof to service@eaglefit.de or by fax to 07345-506395
  •  We check the proof
  •  We will send you a code to purchase our sports equipment at a discount
  •  You place the order online and enter the discount code in the shopping cart
  •  Sie bezahlen den rabattierten Betrag per PayPal, Amazon Payment oder per Vorkasse
  •  You will receive your ordered goods immediately by DHL