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eaglefit® adjustable handles for Sling Trainer incl. carabiner

Expand your sling trainer with these high-quality, length-adjustable grips. Adjust the total length of the grip bands from 50 to 120 cm to suit your individual needs and exercises.

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Length adjustable pair of handles for SlingTrainer, pull-up bar, rung ladder, etc.

These handles are each adjustable by a length adjuster in a total length of 50 cm to 120 cm. So you can adjust the handles independently to your individual needs.

Both handles have a carabiner at the top end, so you can easily connect the handles, for example, with the connecting strap of the eaglefit® Sling Trainer professional or any other fixed point, such as a pull-up bar, rung ladder, etc.

Thanks to the length adjustment, the handle straps can also be attached to a bar about shoulder width to do dips. Due to the wide suspension and the variable length, the straps do not graze the body.

The grip straps each have 2 holding points:

  • for the hands: soft rubber padded grips
  • for the feet: approx. 30 cm large loops with 7.5 cm wide, very soft padded webbing

Total weight of the two handles with adjuster and strap: 800 g


Item ID 935
Condition New
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Model ST-Griffpaar
Manufacturer eaglefit
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 800 g
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