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[Bundle] 4 DUOPOWER dowels and screws from Fischer

4 x Fischer DUOPOWER screws & dowels from Fischer for mounting ceiling mounts, punching bag mounts, hanging seats and much more.

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4 x DUOPOWER Dowel Premium Chipboard Screws by Fischer

DUOPOWER Dowel by Fischer - The Duo of Power and Smart

The DUOPOWER Dowel by Fischer


  • Two material components for best load values and safe functions (spread, fold), depending on the building material -solid, perforated or panel building materials.

  • Best possible feedback (feel-good factor) of the dowel. You can feel that the dowel fits perfectly.

  • The short dowel length allows fast installation thanks to low drill hole depth.

  • The narrow dowel edge prevents the dowel from slipping deeper into the drill hole.

  • The pronounced Mitdrehsicherungen interlock in the building material and prevent the Mitdrehen in the drill hole.

  • Dimensions: ø 8 mm, length: 40 mm

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The premium chipboard screw with fast bite for feather-light installation

The premium chipboard screw to the DUOPOWER anchor by Fischer

  • The unique Power-Fast thread extends into the screw tip and ensures a quick bite. This noticeably facilitates processing in all wood construction materials.

  • The shank milling ribs (for partially threaded screws from 50 mm in length) reduce the insertion resistance and thus ensure power- and battery-saving work.

  • The optimized head geometry enables an exact and splinter-free surface finish without tearing off the screw, even with screw connections close to the edge.

  • The ETA approval guarantees the high safety and premium quality of Fischer Power-Fast screws.

  • Dimensions: ø 6 mm, length: 60 mm

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Item ID 990
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