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Cordless EMS fitness training - also ideal for hotels or physiotherapy

EMS HOMEWhy EMS training and what are the advantages?


In classic (muscle) training, your brain sends electricity to your muscles via your central nervous system to make them contract. For example, when you bench press 150 kg, your brain sends up to 300 mAh of electricity to your arm and chest muscles to activate all the muscle fibres in your muscles. "Actually" you don't want the 150 kg to move up and down, but only that (as many as possible) muscle fibres in your muscles are activated.


This is exactly the point and the advantage of EMS training: by knowing how your muscles respond, scientists have been able to simulate your brain's "commands" to your muscles.

Without interfering with the brain, the nerves above your muscles are directly addressed by the electrodes above them. The current is similar to that of your brain in terms of strength, frequency and pulse depth. (That's why a small battery is enough to work your muscles to 100%).

Your muscles receive the "command" via the nerves to activate the muscle fibres and cannot detect that the command does not come from the brain but from the EMS suit.

The enormous advantage of this is that you can set exactly how many muscle fibres are activated and how strongly your deep muscles are activated. You don't have to move weights and you can also target and train your supporting muscles (e.g. in your back).

This is ideal for your joints and because you can target all your muscle groups at the same time, you save a lot of time. 20 minutes of intensive EMS training per week is enough for a balanced muscle training.

After about 10 weeks, you can increase the training to 2 sessions per week.Whether you train in the studio or at home is up to you, your motivation and your flexibility.The EMS HME system is absolutely comparable both in terms of setting and strength with EMS devices that are used in the studio.

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