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[Bundle] B-Stock: eaglefit EMS PANTS system, training at home; wireless, dry, pelvic floor and core

Train your entire core area with the eaglefit EMS PANTS in just 20 minutes / week, when and where YOU want! The wireless dry PANTS is controlled with the innovative app via Android or iOS - and since 01.11.2021 even via Apple Watch. With the newly developed PANTS you train the following muscle groups: Abdominals, lower back, glutes, front and back thighs, abductors and adductors.

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Abdomen / legs / buttocks, core and pelvic floor training with EMS support at home, in the studio or on the road: With these EMS PANTS you strengthen your muscles and reduce fat - and that in your own 4 walls, in the hotel, in the studio or during outdoor sports - just put on the PANTS and train!

  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to adjust
  • Very effective, all known workouts are possible
  • Optimal core and pelvic floor training - not only for women after childbirth

The wireless eaglefit EMS PANTS with dry electrodes for on the go and at home. Train your entire core area down to the core in only 20 minutes per week with this new EMS PANTS. Work out where and when YOU want.
Turn any space into your workout zone!

...and the best: If you had a hard day, put on your pants, choose the relaxation program, lay down on the sofa and relax - you will feel like new born!

For your EMS training, all you need is a cell phone or tablet (Apple or Android) and this package, which includes your eaglefit EMS PANTS and the eaglefit POWERBox incl. app and charger. Since 01.11.2021 you can also additionally control the app via your Apple Watch.

Perfect EMS Core and Pelvic Floor Training


Whether your goal is muscle building, endurance, regression, pelvic floor training, fitness, losing weight, getting back into sports after surgery or with limited mobility, relaxation or fat reduction, you will find the appropriate setting in the (free) app. You can perform all movements and workouts indoors as well as outdoors. There are no limits to your imagination: Jogging, boxing, cycling, yoga, SlingTraining, HIIT or training with your own body weight is possible.

Due to the simultaneous stimulation of your 7 major muscle groups in the torso area by the 14 electrodes, it is sufficient to invest 1 x 20 minutes a week for your workout in the beginning. After about 8-10 weeks, you can expand the workout to 2 or 3 times a week. You train your muscles highly efficiently and in the shortest possible time. At the same time, you protect your joints and train your deep, movement and support muscles (e.g. in the lower back!) optimally. The relax mode is also very pleasant, which you can enjoy after a strenuous day or even after jogging.

Via the smart eaglefit POWERBox, which you attach to the side of your eaglefit EMS PANTS, the sewn-in silicone electrodes are controlled, which target your muscles via your nerves down to the depths. On your phone, Apple Watch or tablet, you choose via the eaglefit app between the predefined training programs: Fitness (strength- muscle building), Metabolism (cardio, muscle toning), Relax (light massage/regeneration), the individual pulse setting (e.g. according to the specifications of your doctor or physiotherapist) and the video training (Different exercises with your personal avatar according to your setting).

Afterwards you set the intensity of the training for all muscle groups individually and your training can start. You can save all settings in 8 freely definable profiles and load them again later. The eaglefit EMS PANTS is not a medical product, but a fitness product.

The main screen of the app:

App für ihr EMS Training zu Hause













For our Swiss customers we have the Swiss partner "EMS-Suit" in Zurich. He takes over the shipping and the service around the topic "EMS-Training" for Switzerland.

Showroom, Shipping, Service

EMS-SUIT in Zürich, Schweiz.

e-mail: info@ems-suit.ch


FAQ - Questions and answers about training with the EMS PANTS

Question: Can I wear the EMS PANTS under sports clothes?
Answer: Yes, it is possible, for example, to put on a jogging suit or cycling shorts and do sports outdoors. For example, one hour of cycling, 20 minutes of which is warming up without power, then 20 minutes in the cardio program and finally another 20 minutes without power.

Question: Do I have to wet the EMS PANTS?
Answer: No, because we are working with a real dry suit here, which has no more cotton (=non-conductors) over the electrodes, these PANTS work dry. Since the electrodes are directly on the skin, the current can be transmitted better and over a larger area. The impulse penetrates deeper into the muscle, the feeling is more pleasant than with EMS underwear. If you have very dry skin or strong body hair, it may be useful to use an electrode gel - the electrodes conduct when dry, the skin must be a little moist to conduct well.

Question: How many electrodes are in the PANTS and where are they placed?
Answer: There are 14 electrodes, i.e. 7 pairs of electrodes sewn into the PANTS, which can be controlled individually;
Placement: buttocks, abdomen, lower back, abductors, adductors, front thigh and back thigh. It is important here that you can, for example, control the front and rear thighs separately.

Question: Are the leads laid in such a way that the pants can withstand stretch movements?
Answer: Yes, the electrodes are connected by a special conductive sewing thread so that you can perform all movements without any restrictions.

Question: Do the EMS pants hinder me during my exercises?
Answer: No, you are completely free and do not feel the gauzy EMS PANTS during your workout.

Question: How should I clean the EMS PANTS?
Answer: Maximum 30 °C in a gentle wash cycle in the (included) laundry bag, without spin cycle or - even better - hand wash.

Question: I need to keep fit over the winter so I can do a triathlon in the summer. Can I also train my fitness with this EMS PANTS?
Answer: Yes, you can train your red skeletal muscles (for endurance) just as specifically as the white skeletal muscles, which are important for maximum strength. You train the slow-twitch red muscles in the range of up to 30 Hz, the fast-twitch white muscles in the range of 50 to 85 Hz.

Question: How is the contact from the power module to the electrodes made?
Answer: The POWERBox is clicked onto the outside of the PANTS and is also firmly fixed with a Velcro strap. We have patented the entire design and have also successfully tested it under extreme situations, such as in trampoline parks. The contact is perfect and uninterrupted.

Question: Are there German instructions and exercises?
Answer: Yes, there is a detailed German / English manual and a training poster with exercises. In our YouTube channel "eaglefit" you can find more exercises, also workouts to do directly and explanations about the app: https://www.youtube.com/user/eaglefit001.

Question: Do I wear underwear under the EMS PANTS during training?
Answer: No, you don't have to wear anything under the EMS PANTS.

Question: Is there a limit to how often I can do the workout or how often I install the app?
Answer: No, there are no technical limitations. You can install the app on your Android smartphone, on your iPhone and on your iPad at the same time and use it as often as you want (e.g. for your partner, ...). You should train with EMS only 1 x a week in the beginning, later you should have at least 48 hours break between your training sessions.

Question: My partner already has a HOME EMS suit with POWERBox from eaglefit. Can I use this POWERBox also for the PANTS, or do I need another POWERBox?
Answer: We have left the structure of the POWERBox for the PANTS unchanged and you can use your partner's POWERBox. When you start the app, you will be asked if you want to train with the HOME EMS system or with the EMS PANTS.

Question: Is the current from the battery enough or is it not better if the device works with 220 V?
Answer: Since EMS training simulates the low currents of the brain, we work in EMS training (in general) only with currents up to 300 mAh and a very low voltage. These currents are easy to provide even with a very small battery. So you don't have to tie yourself to a box like with a dog leash to perform an efficient EMS training ;)

Question: How long does the battery last and what kind of battery is used?
Answer: The battery of our POWERBox lasts for at least 9 trainings of 20 minutes each - depending on the training intensity. Since we use a LiIo battery with 2,000 mAh, you can also charge it in between without harming it.

Question: Which frequencies can I choose?
Answer: You can freely set the frequency from 1 to 120 Hz in our individual training menu "Individual". Up to approx. 30 Hz you stimulate mainly your red muscles (endurance), from approx. 50 Hz more the white, large muscles (maximum strength) - If you are not so familiar with this, we have predefined programs "Fitness (muscle building), Relax (similar to a massage after training or also very pleasant for tension) and Metabolism (endurance, cellulite reduction)". Our system is a clear EMS system and not an EMA system, because from our point of view this can lead to injuries under certain circumstances, because the muscles are addressed directly and not - as given by nature - via the nerves. Background information can also be found here.

Question: Which pulse depth can I choose for the training?
Answer: You can select predefined programs (as with frequency) or freely select a pulse depth of up to 400 microseconds in the "Individual" program. The higher this value is, the "deeper" the impulse goes into the muscle (i.e. then also into the large muscles, for example on the back or thigh). The smaller the value, the more likely the current will stay on the surface. An impulse depth of 150 microseconds can be very interesting, for example, to optimize the appearance of the skin (=> orange peel skin).

Question: How long is the warranty and what is the repair procedure?
Answer: We offer a 24-month warranty on the EMS PANTS and the POWERBox, and a 6-month warranty on the battery. The battery can be replaced by qualified personnel. In case of service we will send you a shipping bill with which you can send the defective product free of charge to our repair center in Southern Germany. After a repair time of currently far less than one week, you will receive the repaired and tested product back.

Question: What do I do if the PANTS do not fit me?
Answer: The EMS PANTS are very stretchy and should fit snugly. In the beginning, please test the PANTA WITH underwear to see if it fits you well. If it does not fit you, you can have it exchanged free of charge. We will pay the shipping costs for the return shipment.

Question: What do I do if I don't get along with the whole system?
Answer: We offer a very good telephone support with trainers and experts who can help you competently. Since the EMS PANTS is a hygiene product, it is difficult to exchange or return it once you have used the PANTS without underwear. Otherwise, you can return the entire system within 14 days without any problems and free of charge for you.

Question: Is there a "customer recruits customer" program?
Answer: Yes, we offer a very interesting "customer recruits customer" program. You will receive more information about this program automatically after your order.

Question: Are we still working on the app or would I have to buy a new system again for new features?
Answer: We are constantly implementing further improvements and customer requests, which every existing customer receives through free updates to the app.

Question: How long does the EMS PANTS last?
Answer: You don't need to wash the PANTS after every workout because they are made of an antibacterial material. We have successfully tested the PANTS with over 100 washes in the washing machine on the hand wash cycle. We expect the PANTS to last an average of 3-4 years, depending on how you handle them. To further extend the washing cycles, every new customer receives a free 100ml sample of Provilan's antibacterial agent.

Question: I come from Switzerland, how can I order here?
Answer: We have a very competent partner in Switzerland near Zurich. If you are Swiss, please inform yourself at www.ems-suit.ch.

Question: I am unsure if the app works on my phone. How can I check this?
Answer: You can download and test the app via your appstore before you buy it - just search for "eaglefit EMS".

Question: What is the difference between EMS and EMA training and can I choose this setting?
Answer: EMS means Electrical Myo Stimulation (5 to 120 Hz) , EMA means Electrical Myo Activation (from 1,000 Hz). In EMS training, the current flows from the electrode through the skin to the nerve and then into the muscle. In EMA training, the current flows from the electrode through the skin directly into the muscle without the nerves noticing and without the signal having to pass through the neuromuscular endplate between the nerve and the muscle on its way to the muscle. This direct muscle activation can be interesting and at the same time dangerous and is therefore not recommended for home use in our view.

Question: Can I use the suit for muscle building after rehab, even if I am severely limited in my movement?
Answer: YES, because EMS training allows you to target the muscles WITHOUT putting strain on the joints, this type of training is ideal for supporting muscle development after surgery or rehab in general - in close consultation with the doctor, of course. Our suit is a fitness product and not a medical product.

Question: Can EMS be harmful?
Answer: EMS training can be harmful in the case of health contraindications such as pacemakers or diabetes mellitus and in this case training should be avoided in any case. Likewise, too high an intensity or too high a frequency can be dangerous. When used correctly and following the eaglefit training instructions, EMS training is safe and achieves maximum training effects.

Question: How often can i do EMS?
Answer: The frequency depends first of all on your individual training status. If you have not done any EMS training before or have had a longer break from training, one EMS session per week is recommended for the first 10 weeks. This is to get the kidney used to a higher CK level in the blood that occurs during EMS training. After the first 10 weeks, it can be increased to 2 to a maximum of 3 units, provided that a break of 48h is observed. The relaxation program can be used every day, as no high intensity is used here.

Question: What are the benefits of an electronic abdominal muscle stimulator?
Answer: With an electronic abdominal muscle stimulator, the abdominal muscles can be effectively trained down to the core. Especially due to the smaller size, stimulation can be carried out optimally on the road or during other activities and the muscles can be built up and strengthened.

Question: How effective is EMS really?
Answer: Especially through the simultaneous stimulation of many large muscle groups and a recruitment of up to 90% of the muscle fibers, an EMS training is very effective and reaches the deep muscles better compared to conventional training methods. A 20-minute EMS session can burn up to 500 calories, which is why EMS is ideal for both muscle building and weight loss.

Question: What are the benefits of EMS without exercise?
Answer: Basically, the EMS impulses alone stimulate the muscles and already lead to a training stimulus. The muscles adapt to this stimulus up to a certain threshold. Once this threshold is reached, the training stimulus must be intensified, for example by additional exercises, in order to continue to achieve a training effect. In addition, joints, tendons and ligaments benefit from compressive and tensile stresses that only occur during active training.

Question: What do doctors say about EMS training?
Answer: EMS training is not only used in the fitness sector, but also in the medical field of therapy to restore muscles after operations or injuries without putting strain on the joints. EMS technology also achieves great results in the treatment of back pain, precisely because the impulses penetrate deep into the supporting muscles and provide a training stimulus here.

Question: Can you lose belly fat with EMS?
Answer: To achieve a reduction of body fat on the abdomen, it is necessary to lose body fat on the entire body. Losing or training off fat only in a targeted area is not possible. EMS training can strongly support this process through the high energy consumption during training and an increase in muscle mass. Just as important as the training is additionally an adapted diet to achieve a weight reduction.

Question: Why is EMS so expensive?
Answer: The technology of EMS training is based on the latest scientific research and in practice achieves a highly efficient workout. The price of an EMS system is based on raw material, production and development costs and can be compared to a 12-month membership in an EMS studio.

Question: Which health insurance company pays for EMS training?
Answer: Health insurance companies can only subsidize or fully cover EMS training if the EMS system is certified as a medical device. The eaglefit EMS systems are considered a fitness product and therefore cannot be claimed from the health insurance.

As you can see, we have put a lot of thought into it. We listen to you and are also there for you if you have questions, suggestions or wishes.

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